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 Residential Tech Support

Residential Tech Support – 614.402.4585 

Adapted Tech is the cutting edge of support. We are one of the only companies that offer residential support.

Have you ever had a cable box go out, a DVD player stop working, a universal remote break, or a computer go haywire? This is where our expertise and commitment comes in; we will remotely talk you through fixing your problem, or dispatch one of our technicians to fix it on-site for you. With this kind of support, we are able to get you back up and running quickly.

Commercial Tech Support

Commercial Tech Support – 614.402.4585

Here at Adapted Tech we have mastered the art of being full time IT support without ever having to step foot in your office. By using a number of different kinds of technology from names like Citrix, LogMeIn, and Join Me we are able to take over a computer, server, or even cell phone with permission so that we can help solve any problem no matter how small it may be. All of our sessions are recorded and logged to keep your personal information safe and to help our technicians better serve you in the future. We know that in our world today anytime when your network is down is money lost. This is very cost effective for you as a business because you receive all benefits of having that support you need with much less of a cost.